Band of The Month – Ekulu

For a band that has only released three songs there is a lot of buzz surrounding New York’s Ekulu and rightly so.

Playing a blend of thrash and metal with a tinge of punk and hardcore thrown in for good measure the band are were a hot property at the end of 2018 and 2019 looks to send the band into the stratosphere.

Featuring members of Illusion, Candy, Glory and Ecostrike they clearly have the musical calibre behind them, but not for a very long time has a three song EP been on repeat at Just an Insight HQ as the Ekulu self-titled.

The bands vocalist has a bit of an unhinged approach that conjures images of him losing his mind while the rest of his band mates rehearse their face melting riffs.

There will be clear comparisons of Ekulu to bands like Power Trip, Red Death and Judicary, they most certainly hold their own rather than being a band to mimic a “cool trend”.

With Ekulu now starting to play shows in their native United States, if they hit the road more and thanks to the exposure of the EP getting a physical release through Triple B Records, I truly think 2019 will be the year of Ekulu.

Sanctuary of Depression is the stand out of the three tracks. Clocking in at 5.15, it showcases exactly what Ekulu are about. And that is having riffs for day, but being pissed off and angry.

So commit the demo to memory before Ekulu level your town.