RECORD REVIEW – ‘From Me to You’ by One Step Closer

Hardcore is a genre with many faces. Sometimes it is can be punch in face heavy, the next it can be played at break neck speed.

One thing is for sure, there is emotion and passion poured into the music.

This is one of the many defining qualities of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania outfit One Step Closer.

Yes, the bands name does have a resemblance to a Linkin Park song, but that is where the bands similarities end.

The straight edge bands new six-track EP ‘From Me to You’ is an emotionally wracked hardcore record, and a breath of fresh air to start 2019.

One of the big things that got me into Hardcore was the melodic elements to what is an aggressive outlet.

For a while these seemed to fall by the wayside, but with their mid-’80s DC influenced sound One Step Closer seem to have breathed new life into the sound.

From the opening riff of the first track ‘The Reach’ there is a tinge of nostalgia which paints this record, but it is retrospect with a new perspective.

The guitars groove, the drums create a rhythm that makes you want to dance rather than hit someone in the face and the vocals are melodic, with just a splash of hatred.

With each song One Step Closer clearly outline what tone they want to set, with a very distinct guitar tone throughout, it is the hooks which make this EP such an early stand-out for the year.

Day Dream’ brings together the fast and aggressive attitude which was so successful for bands like Have Heart, Killing The Dream and Dead Swans in the early 2000s. Now, with a new take on this variation of hardcore it seems the skies the limit for One Step Closer.

Closing track ‘Imagination of Being’ wraps up everything that One Step Closer do well. Showcasing vulnerability, creating catchy as hell riffs and vocals which will see crowds of people leaping to crap the microphone.

As it is so early in the year I just hope that this record doesn’t fade away with the year, as this is the sound I want to hear for 2019.