RECORD REVIEW – ‘Downcast’ by Foul Play

Fast, abrasive and aggressive are adjectives that can be used to describe a lot of bands in the hardcore / punk world.

But these terms sum up Florida based Foul Play perfectly.

Their new six-track EP Downcast ticks all these boxes, and for a record which hardly clocks in over 10 minutes they cram a lot in.

What is more impressive that in that time frame, the band explores lots of different avenues of what many would consider as hardcore.

Opening track ‘Last Bird’ has events of fastcore / powerviolence but half way through the song the guitars turn into a really groovy section off the back of some blistering blast beats.

But then in the very next track, ‘instinct’, the rhythm of the song follows that very hardcore sensibilities.

It safe to say that Foul Play are a band that like to keep its listeners on their toes.

Having played with the likes of Backtrack, Regulate and Bloodbather in recent times, this EP is certainly a statement of intent of where the band want to be in 2019.

It is one of the bands longer tracks – coming in at a whopping 1.54 – ‘Demoralized’ where the band really comes alive.

The vocals work in perfect synchronicity with the guitars, the drums are pummelling and to top things off the track comes to its conclusion with a nice meaty break down, which will have you spin kicking on the spot.

Even though this track is only six-tracks long, it is perfect in length for a band of this ilk, and playing this type of music.

Downcast is over in a flash, but trust me when we stay you will be smashing that play button over and over again once you’ve given this EP a spin.