RECORD REVIEW – ‘Build and Break’ by Tørsö

Now I am not one to start reviews with a disclaimer of any kind, but this has to have the caveat that I am a big Tørsö fan.

That being said their new 7” release Build and Break, for me needs to be way more than four tracks.

The Bay Area outfit are known for their exhilarating expulsions of anger and this four-song onslaught in certainly no different.

Vocalist Mae’s shrieking voice cuts through the harsh, gruff guitar tone and the non-stop pummelling drums.

At just ninety seconds, the EP opener and title track wastes little time of establishing what Build and Break is going to be for the listener, an assault on the senses and a kick straight to the gut.

Following on from the bands full-length Sono Pronta a Morire, this record feels like the four-piece have really cut their teeth and gained a heap of experience from being out on the road and translating that on to record.

The songs ‘Grab a Shovel’ and ‘Repulsion’ have a lot more musical flair to them, than what might be expected of Tørsö.

Guitarist Ktrü introduces some really groove heavy riffs, especially in the latter track, showcasing that the California band aren’t just about blistering pace and being angry.

‘Sick of Fighting’ is a bit more of a return to form, but that is not a slight on the band at all because they know what they are good at and hell they are good at it.

For this record Tørsö doubles down on the unrelenting nature of their past work and amps up the D-Beat fury as much as possible. It sounds chaotic and unhinged but that is what makes it so god damn god.