RECORD REVIEW- ‘Misery Never Forgets’ by Wristmeetrazor

The name Wristmeetrazor may instantly put a lot of people off but dig under the surface and these three pieces are making something a bit special.

By their own admission the band is born as an outlet for trauma, so being a little close to the knuckle in terms of their name and some of the titles of their songs it all makes sense.

You only have to give their debut records Misery Never Forgets a listen through once to know that the source of their material comes from a place of genuine pain, and this abrasive, aggressive music is their best way to verbalise it.

Many a person has tired to pigeonhole the trio, but when you listen to the record there are influences from the early 90s screamo right through to modern grindcore, so it is best to treat Wristmeetrazor as its own entity.

Album opener ‘Loathsome’ is a statement of intent, with the song kicking off with a vicious scream and an abuse of a whammy tech people that is assaulting your ears, but at the same time a very welcome guest.

In just 1.42 the band have outlined who they are and what you can expect for the rest of the record.

On the surface, the band seem chaotic and untamed, but the structure of their songs will constantly have you thinking “what the hell just happened.”

Tracks like ‘Insecurity Check’ and ‘XOXO (Love Letter From a Loaded Gun’ are prime examples of this wild energy put into a neat little box.

Wristmeetrazor are the perfect display of appearing like they haven’t got their shit together on the outside, but on the inside are a group of musical geniuses that has this listener revisiting the record numerous times and discovering new nuances each time.

The trio are not afraid to showcase their vulnerabilities, and this is what makes this record so inviting. It may be snarling and filled with disgusting noise at time. But scratch a little bit further and you will find some for of kinship and then you are along for the ride.