Band of The Month – xServitudex

In the UK the hardcore landscape is forever changing, and things on this island seem to go through phases more than most.

However, a band that seemed to have been able to ride the waves of change and come out the other side has been vegan straight edge hardcore xServitudex.

With heavy influences from bands like Arkangel, Congress and xMaroonx, the band’s debut EP ‘Path To Anmest’ gained them a lot of attention not just in the UK, but overseas as well.

Now with their latest offering in ‘Bringing Your Hell’ the band seems to have stepped things up once more and brought with them a whole new world of heavy hitting hardcore.

With face melting riffs and throat shredding vocals throughout, xServitudex adds a dark and sinister tone to their brand of hardcore.

If you weren’t already aware of the band, they will be hitting the road with Year of the Knife later in the year, which will certainly cement them as one of the UK best hardcore bands on a tour which is set to tear eve single venue it hits to the ground.