LIVE REVIEW – Conjurer @ The Anvil, Bournemouth, 9/2/2019

With the weather looking pretty bleak and damp, it is only fitting that the seaside city of Bournemouth play host to some crushing metal in the form of Conjurer.

The basement venue of the Anvil has seen many heavy hitters come through town and tonight would be no different, with local three-piece Greenhorn kicking off proceedings for the sold out show.


The trios brand of doom metal was fitting for the greyness which lurked outside the venue, with their drummer really driving the ship, leading all the groves and keeping everything in check.

What Greenhorn were doing may not be reinventing the wheel, but it was certainly effective.

Following shortly after were The Grand Mal, who started their set with a caveat that they were playing without their vocalist. That being said, the three remaining members provided a groove and riff filled almost post-prog set.

The Grand Mal

Some of the sounds which were coming from the bass and guitars were rather interesting, from squealing guitars to almost a digitised bass tone.

One thing to be said is that some of The Grand Mal’s songs did seem to overstay their welcome, so it would be interesting to see how the vocalist was meant to work within the dynamic.

Next up was London three piece Urne, who seemed to smash through their set at lighting speed, it really was a blink and you’ve missed it sort of moment.


Right from the get go, there was lots of energy from the trio and vocalist / bassist Joseph Nally was utilising two microphones to give two different vocal ranges.

Urne certainly seem like a band that are on an upward trajectory and will certainly be one to keep an eye out for as 2019 progresses.

A late addition to the bill were Brighton’s Earth Moves, and in an odd way were a nice palate cleanser for all the heaviness which had proceeded them.

Earth Moves

The band infuse influences from metal and screamo to great results and having seen them a few times before, tonight was a night where everything just seemed to come together and they sounded huge.

The song ‘House of Flowers’ was a particular highlight, where it showcases exactly what the band are all about.

When it came time for the behemoths that is Conjurer to take to the stage the atmosphere in the Anvil changed, there was a sense of anticipation as crowd member crept forward closer and closer to the stage.


As soon as the opening cords of ‘Choke’ rung out heads were banging and hair was flying and windmills revved up.

On the surface of things Conjurers sound should be too big for a small room like this little basement, but every riff and transition could be heard perfectly and the four piece just shredded like only they can.

While vocalists / guitarists Dan Nightingale and Brady Deeprose prove to be a perfect foil to each other with their range of vocals, sounding brutal and sinister as shit at the same time, you are are also transfixed on bassist Conor Marshall who is like a human bobble head with his non-stop windmilling.

By the time the band launched into ‘The Mire’ there was steam coming off the bands instruments from how hot the venue had become, but it just seemed to add to the intensity of Conjurer’s set.

If it wasn’t already apparent, tonight solidified the fact that Conjurer are arguable one of the most exciting metal bands in the UK right now, and if not already, soon to be the rest of the world.