LIVE REVIEW – Ithaca & Watchcries @ The Bees Mouth, Brighton, 2/3/2019


Since the start of 2019 the musical momentum has been firmly behind one UK band, Ithaca.

With the release of their highly anticipated debut album The Language of Injury, there has been a buzz around the London quintet.

So, the opportunity to witness them in a room barely big enough for a dinner party was not something to be missed.

Before Ithaca took to the stage – or should I say floor – it was down to Brighton’s own Watchcries to get proceedings underway.


Their brand of darkened, metallic hardcore is as abrasive as it is chaotic, bringing with them an onslaught of riffs.

Despite there being less than a foot between the band and the audience, this didn’t stop the band, in particular guitarist Matt Neesam, from throwing himself around.

Nats Spada’s vocal style commands your attention as it roars out over a backdrop of blast beats.

With the room temperature significantly increased, the audience in this tiny basement room didn’t have long to rest until it was time for Ithaca to take on the spotlight.

If there was already a sense of feeling snug, then you were certainly going to get to know your neighbour pretty intimately as there was barely room to move.


Kicking off with “New Covenant” the song is an indication that Ithaca are here and it sets the tone for the rest of the evening.

High energy and vocalist Djamila Azzouz screaming in people’s faces is something people who have seen the five-piece before will have grown accustomed to.

With the majority of tracks from their newest record, Ithaca did delve deep into their repertoire and play some older martial for the select crowd at the Bees Mouth.

Even when the band had a few technical difficulties – which I subsequently got the blame for – it didn’t stop the bands momentum.

With bigger shows for later in the year already being announced for Ithaca, seeing them in this kind of surrounding may become a rarity, and this show very much felt like an “I was there” kind of evening.