The Insight: Watch Me Die

In each issue of An Insight Magazine we want to shine the spotlight on up and coming bands in the world of alternative music. One such band is Watch Me Die.

EVERY so often there is a band which appears to spring up out of nowhere and then their name is on every show under the sun.

The latest band of this ilk is Watch Me Die.

The London straight edge band has in less than a year already amassed a huge amount of shows under their belts, playing the likes of Upsurge Festival and sharing a stage with Mortality Rate , Payday, Harm’s Way and Year of the Knife.

Musically the five-piece blends together metallic influences with a more crossover sound, which has become a staple of the UK hardcore sound.

Following in the wake of bands like xRepentencex, Watch Me Die fill a metallic shaped mosh hole which was left in the UK scene and the quintet have stepped up to fill that void.

Vocalist Josh Povey and guitarist Kurt Rogers are the main song writing partnership with Barney Hall, Charlie Drake and Josh Oldfield rounding out the group and the key duo are very much at the heart of the sonic attack.

Throughout the bands self-titled EP there are sprinklings of the bands that influence them, with the likes of Eighteen Visions in the guitars, and heavy nods to Throwdown and Zao thrown in for good measure.

All the while Povey uses the band as a platform to speak of the injustices in the world, puppets in power and mental slavery, oh and straight edge.

If the three song EP along with their already tireless work ethic continues Watch Me Die are certainly going to be a band that is seen around the UK a lot more and inevitably sooner, rather than later in mainland Europe and who knows maybe further afield before you know it.