In each issue of An Insight Magazine we want to shine the spotlight on up and coming bands in the world of alternative music.

This time for The Insight we are taking a look at End on End.

WHEN bands have discussions of how their first record or output is going to sound it is very rarely anything near the completed article.

Yes, there is an argument that bands are always evolving, but for a band to put out a demo or a four-track EP and it almost be nailed on is almost unheard of.

But that is exactly what Oklahoma four-piece End on End have done with their debut self-titled EP.

It is so proficient in its direction and sound that they want to go for that you would think the band has been working at their craft for years.

If you like your hardcore laced with groove and elements of youth crew then End on End will be right up your street.

Taking their name from a Rites of Spring record, there are also nods to the post-punk band of the mid-1980s in the sound of the band’s guitar.

But there is no doubting that this straight edge band are very much a hardcore band, but just pulling references from different places.

What makes the quartet stand out from a crowd is the intensity in the music which is matched by the honesty of the of the lyrics, but somehow End On End has been able to accomplish just that with four well-crafted hardcore songs that come across pissed off yet poetic.

End On End has somehow, very early on, mastered the ability to write hardcore songs that would catch the ears of any fan of the genre without succumbing to trends.

The band show their appreciation for unique guitar tones and sharp lyrics that land the band somewhere between hardcore heavy weights Fury and Have Heart.