In each issue of An Insight Magazine we want to shine the spotlight on up and coming bands in the world of alternative music.

This time for The Insight we are taking a look at Niboowin.

“FROM old souls ashes arise and start anew.”

This is the mantra that brought about the birth of Niboowin, the screamo band from Michigan via Sweden, they are the antithesis of reincarnation.

With members formerly playing in the band Old Souls, Niboowin birthed a more raging black-metal sentiment to the sound with screamo elements thrown in for good measure.

With the word Niboowin, coming from the Ojibwe word for death, this kind of sums up the feeling of the band who bring about a darker more menacing element brand of screamo.

The four-piece bring together a blend of music which offers up plenty of blast beats, waves of sometimes blackened riffs, and reckless aggression in the vocals.

From the bands incarnation Niboowin has wanted the underlying content of their lyrics to be personal instead of conceptal.

They vary from personal anxiety, hardships, cultural appropriation of Native Americans, the weight of this world, and merely existing.

This band takes on the more aggressive tendencies and mixes hints of Envy when they were much, much heavier. 

On the surface the band’s music may come across as having depressive tendencies, but this is the quartet acknowledging that life is fucking pain and it is possible to overcome with friends and passions in life.

With extensive touring under their belt, and a critically acclaimed debut record in the shape of ‘Breathing’ the band has already started to build up a reputation stateside and in mainland Europe.

Niboowin may still be a bit of a fledgling project, but their roots show through in their immediate excellence and their pedigree for music.