In each issue of An Insight Magazine we want to shine the spotlight on up and coming bands in the world of alternative music.

This time for The Insight we are taking a look at Louvre.

THERE seems to be a resurgence of bands in heavy music who are blending together more experimental elements to their abrasive songs.

In the case of Louvre, this comes from squealing guitars, experimental vocal play and galloping brutal drums.

The crew of Montreal, Canada have an aesthetic and sound which is nailed down and in their short existence have honed it to perfection.

With the band featuring members from bands like From Heaven We Fall and RAVIN it was inevitable that they were going to produce one hell of a racket.

The outcome for Louvre is the culmination of what would happen if Frontierer and Car Bomb had a love child, and they had been placed in a dark room for several months.

On the bands new record ‘Bête Noire’ it only takes a matter of moments for the bands statement of intent of aggression and chaos to take centre stage.

In a world where the aforementioned Frontierer and Car Bomb already exist, Louvre are the perfect transition from the absolutely bat shit crazy into the more traditional metal.

With the guitars at points sounding like police sirens, the vocals lend themselves to a more straightforward type of brutality.

When it comes to aesthetics the bands uses neon green against a black back drop, which acts as a conscious juxtaposition to their music which is far from bright, but the more you listen to their music you do feel like you have been infected with some toxic substance coursing through your veins.

If you like your metal with a bit bizarre sprinkled in, then Louvre are the band for you.