Episode 179 – John Kata (Infraction / The Kata Khronicles / Ready Eye Collective)

This week we offer you the hardcore podcast crossover that you didn’t know you needed.

We are joined by the host of The Kata Khronicles, Ready Eye Collective member and Infraction vocalist John Kata.

We talk about how John got into music through hip-hop but it was Sepultura who put him on the path to heavy music, how he has had to get used to being a single vocalist with Infraction and how Ready Eye are approaching the future of booking shows.

To keep up to date with what John is doing you can do so on all the various social media platforms:

Facebook – facebook.com/InfractionUKHC
Instagram – @infractionhc
Bandcamp – infractionhc.bandcamp.com

The Kata Khronicles:
Facebook – facebook.com/TheKataKhronicles
Instagram – @the_kata_khronicles

Ready Eye Collective:
Facebook – facebook.com/readyeyecollective
Instagram – @readyeyecollective
Twitter – @ready_eye


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