Episode 214 – Samuel Boyhtari & Logan Gaval (Greet Death)

Yo what’s up it has been a hot minute since we released an episode of the podcast, so sorry for the delay. But we promised we would get one more episode out before 2021 came to a close and it is one hell of an episode.

This week we are joined by the masterminds behind shoegaze band Greet Death, Samuel Boyhtari and Logan Gaval. We talk about them growing up together, playing music together since day dot and how their previous musical projects helped shape form what is now Greet Death.

You can keep up to date with what the band are doing by visiting their various social media platforms:
Facebook – facebook.com/deathbois
Instagram – @deathbois
Twitter – @deathbois
Bandcamp – greetdeath.bandcamp.com


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