Episode 230 – Jak Madden (Guilt Trip)

What’s up everyone and happy 2023. We are back to kick start the new year with yet another awesome guest.

We are joined by Jak Madden, guitarist of metallic hardcore outfit Guilt Trip.

We talk about how Jak got into hardcore and started to discover the local Manchester scene, Guilt Trip being his first proper band and things taking off and how playing in Europe really helped them build up a fan base.

Little caveat my microphone broke the day before recording so didn’t have time to get a replacement, and I forgot to press record on Jak’s channel at the start, but the rest is golden.

To keep up to date with what Guilt Trip are doing you can do so on all their social media:

Facebook – facebook.com/guilttripmhc
Instagram – @guilttripmhc
Twitter – @GuilttripMCR
Bandcamp – guilttripmhc.bandcamp.com


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