For generations Aquaman has been the butt of many jokes at the DC Comic worlds expense.

Having to battle with the iconic Superman, the cool Batman and symbol of strength in Wonder Woman, the sea delving superhero was mostly relegated to the background.

So, when DC announced they would be competing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the question was, who do you cast as the would be king of Atlantis?

Simple answer, Jason Momoa.

In his own standalone origins story, we are taken into the world of Arthur Curry, after his appearance in Justice League.

We learn about Arthur’s birth, his journey to discover his powers and then a turning point of realising his responsibilities. You know an origin story.

Yes, there may not be anything too exciting in the narrative, but that is by no means the high point of this movie.

The adversity here comes from Aquaman’s younger half brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) wanting to wage war on the surface so he can become the true Ocean Master (has a cool ring to it right?).

The trouble is King Nereus’s daughter Mera (Amber Heard) sees the trouble ahead and turns to Curry to save the day, you know the formula for a superhero movie.

While the actual meat and bones of this film may be so formulaic, what kept this reviewer engaged was the visuals.

Director James Wan’s vision in capturing an action sequence is impeccable. Right from the opening fight scene, where all the movements are completely fluid, to the breath takingly shot scene across the roof tops of Sicily, this is what makes the film.

Some of the CGI effects when transported into the depths of the sea showcase how far technology has come in cinema, and it is for this note that the films cinematographers should be praised.

When the best part of the film, of what is meant to be a winter blockbuster, are the visuals, it may not be the greatest thing.

However, if this film was all about making Aquaman cool, well Mr Momoa you’ve succeeded.