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In each issue of An Insight Magazine we want to shine the spotlight on up and coming bands in the world of alternative music.

This time for The Insight we are taking a look at Soul Glo

EVER since the inception of heavy music aggression has gone hand-in-hand with a magnitude of genres.

Philadelphia punk outfit Soul Glo are the antithesis of using aggression to drive forward their music.

As part of a thriving scene which has a strong representation of people of colour in its alternative scene, this doesn’t stop them wearing their real-life influences on their sleeve.

Their music travels through pedal-driven guitars to lush, dense shoe-gaze forests, bursting out of the other side screaming.

With influences from 90s screamo bands like Seita and Pg.99 to a more straight up punk sound, there are also elements of hip-hop thrown in for good measure.

In a relatively short time, the band has already gained a reputation for their visceral live shows and caught the attention of many with the intensity of their performances and vocalist Pierce Jordan’s impassioned and confrontational lyrics.

Jordan’s voice is an unmatched screech that snakes through the band’s wiry punk orchestration as a truly exhaustive vessel for his trauma-informed lyrics.

The band forms profound, rapid-fire prose, hell-bent on exposing the everyday realities experienced in the black community to the masses.

Not being strangers to having run ins with the law, Soul Glo use these injustices to fuel their music even using it in their imagery.

On their latest record The N***a In Me Is Me the front image is from an incident where the band had a run in with the police.

It isn’t just race which drives this band as they tackle issues surrounding gender and the American political landscape.

EDITORS NOTE: Since originally writing this piece Soul Glo have been actively been promoting causes to support the Black Lives Matter movement following the death of George Floyd.

We would advise you follow the band on Twitter @soulglophl as they are sharing stories of black voices during these trying and challenging times to get change in our world.