BEYOND THE ARTWORK: In The Promise of Another Tomorrow, by Regulate

A RECORD’S artwork can sometimes make or break a record. So what is the thought process that goes into what we finally see as consumers of music?

In this feature we speak to bands and how they came up with the ideas for their artwork.

In the first issue of n Insight we spoke to Regulate vocalist Sebastian Paba about their critically acclaimed album In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow.

RISING out of Long Island, New York, Regulate are one of the most exciting hardcore bands to come out of the USA in recent years.

The straight edge quartet released their debut record In the Promise of Another Tomorrow to wide critical acclaim in 2018.

It has influences of bands such as Outburst, Killing Time and Breakdown clear to see and paying respect to the classic NYC hardcore sound that has come before them.

In terms of the artwork In the Promise of Another Tomorrow, the imagery is of a striking face being carved from stone.

But what shaped the idea of the artwork was actually the actor Jim Carey as well as the blend of what the lyrics on the record are talking about.

Vocalist Sebastian Paba explains to An Insight how the artwork came to be.

Paba said: “At first I had no clue what I wanted in terms of the art. I like going into that stuff with a blank slate.

Photo: Rick Beaulieu

“What I did know is that I didn’t want someone who’s done work for a Hardcore band before because I wanted a fresh take. I went on Instagram and searched “#CommissionsOpen and scrolled till something caught my eye. I landed on Ian Ashcroft, an artist from England.

“His work was really impressive and unlike anything we’ve used in the past for album art or merch.

“He was into the idea of working together and he sent me early sketches he made based off lyrics and our sound. It took a few tries but in about a week or so we found something we both liked. I’m a huge fan of Jim Carey, I think he’s really inspiring and love everything he’s done whether it be his films or his paintings.”

“One of my favorite pieces of his is titled Heart Upon Reentry and the color scheme and pattern is something I wanted to incorporate. 

“It took a few hands to get the finished product. Ian along with my friends Jose and Michale all helped in the process of getting things to a point where we all were happy with how it turned out.!